Heiners Bar

Thu 16.05.24


Katy De Jesus
Justine Perry
Lea Occhi
Natalie Robinson
Paula Koski


Great concept, love everything about it. It’s fresh, exciting and great content.

Mario Berger (Tresor)

Ich habe jetzt schon drei Tattoos von Jonathan machen lassen. Ich habe ihm vorab meine Wünsche geschickt und er hat sie perfekt umgesetzt. Außerdem hat er mich bei Unsicherheiten gut beraten und seine eigenen Ideen einfließen lassen. Ich bin mit allem rundum zufrieden.

Paula Koski (Tresor)

The crew is absolutely fantastic, it was very comfortable and an encouraging environment. The tattoos are well made and healing perfectly!

Justine Perry (Kalt)

Encore merci pour today. C’était une chouette journée, bonne énergie entre nous, je suis bien contente d’avoir fait la connaissance de Mat aussi. Hâte de voir le résultat!


Thank you for being such a great team and creating a free space to speak up about what people need to hear about about. It is amazing to see you creating a community that share freely her knowledge about the music scene. I have been in love with this project and with what it want to achieve since my first touchpoint with Jonathan. After meeting the rest of the team and living this great day with you it went beyond my expectation. I think you are creating valuable content and experience for the community and the music scene that is missing at the moment. Can’t wait to see the releases of the podcast. Big up to your team!