Jonathan de Kalbermatten is a multidisciplinary artist born in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Passionate about electronic music, he moved to Berlin in 2015 as part of his internship in graphic design and later grew his professions in different mediums: Graphic design, fashion, the club scene and tattooing. His portfolio is gradually growing, from Palms Angels to hhv, Bad Medic Records, Advance the Dance, 47 and Stadt nach Acht. Inspired by the dancefloor, he developed the idea of combining the different arts and media. This desire finally resulted in the foundation of THE ND PROJECT in 2022. Since then he has been passionately working on this project and teamed up with his THE ND PROJECT crew to push this project forward. Today, Jonathan is more than proud to launch first results after months of work.


THE ND PROJECT team has an international team with high skills, linked to the experience of professionals,
specialists, all passionate about their fields.